Merry Christmas Mother F's - DTF

Merry Christmas Mother F's - DTF

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No need for any more more weeding, layering or cutting.  It's as easy as that! 

The prints are on clear film and ready to be pressed.

Recommended Temp: 150C

Pressure: Firm/Heavy and uncovered 

Time: 15 Seconds 

**PEEL AWAY THE FILM ONCE THE GARMENT AND TRANSFER IS COOL, then cover the transfer again with baking paper or the like and press for a second time for 5-10 seconds. 

We do recommend a heat press to ensure the heat is even all over the transfer.

NO pre treatment for transfers

The transfers can be applied to most materials, such as T-shirts, Sweaters, Canvas bags and materials like that.  NO METAL....

Size: Appx 10inch in width and height is in proportion to the print, but they are appx that size and classed as 10inch prints