16oz UV DTF- Pig

16oz UV DTF- Pig

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These UV DTF glass wraps are for the 16oz Libby Glass Can Tumblers.

They are ready to press and are permanent, so please make sure you apply them straight.

Premium printed UV DTF 16oz Libby Glass Can Wraps, ready to apply, bubble free. No more hours spent weeding and layering!

Just peel, place, rub and you’re done and ready to reveal your beautiful glass all in minutes. No weeding or layering, how exciting!

Permanent, Waterproof



PLEASE NOTE: Bliss Blanks will NOT be held responsible for any wraps that are applied incorrectly or damaged during the application process.

*One of many methods on how to apply-
1. Use a Squeegee and firmly rub the front and back before peeling off the backing.
2. You can trim around the wrap to remove any excess material as this can make handling easier.
3. Place the design down with the back side facing up, and carefully peel off the backing, preferably on an angle.
4. Line the transfer on the cup, ensuring the design is straight and positioned correctly. Once the design has been placed onto the cup and it sticks, there is no going back as the adhesive is extremely strong, and you CAN NOT peel it off to be re-positioned.
5. Rub the entire transfer with a squeegee or your fingers firmly to remove any air bubbles. The more you rub, the better they stick and this is to ensure that the adhesive adheres to the product nicely.
6. Carefully peel the film off the product SLOWLY and GENTLY. Please take your time with the whole process as a rush job may cause you problems. Rushing can cause bubbles and you may miss them which can result in moisture under the bubble and the image will lift or crack.
7. Once the film is off, rub it firmly again all over with your fingers.